Aluminum Cables Lightweight Wiring Harness Automotive Wire to JASO

Aluminum Cables

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Aluminum Cables Lightweight Wiring Harness Automotive Wire to JASO


Aluminum Cables: Standard/Specification

ISO 6722-2, JASO D 603, HKMC ES 91110-09


Aluminum Cables: Application

Aluminum cables are suitable for lightweight wiring harness. It is possible to offer max. 40

percent weight reduction compared to copper cables.

Aluminum cables are applied to battery, door, roof compartment.

The overall diameter of aluminum cable is larger than the diameter of copper cable in order to

meet the same current capacity.

So Kyungshin Cable designed aluminum cables in consideration outer diameter’s size and

flexibility for wiring harness space and lay out.


Lead Time:  Quantity(Meters): 1-10000; Time(days): 10

                    Quantity(Meters): >10000;  Time(days): To be negotiated



                    Customized logo(Min. Order: 3000 Meters)

                    Customized packaging(Min. Order: 3000 Meters)


Our Automotive JASO D611 Cable Product






AHHEX/AHHEX-BS;AHFX/AHFX-BS;Electric Vehicle Charging Cables ... etc.


Automotive Cables Product Photos 003


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Aluminum Cables: Construction

Conductor: Pure Aluminum or Aluminum alloy
Insulation: Vinyl or Cross-linked Polyethylene


Aluminum Cables: Technical Data

  Pure Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Copper
Density 2.7 2.75 8.89
Electrial conductivity 61.5% ACS 58% ACS 100%% IACS
Tensile strength 70-120 Mb 90-140 Mb ≥200Mb
Elongation at break ≥26% ≥10% ≥16%